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No matter whether being a world citizen, multinational family, a business, digital nomad or frequent traveller, sooner or later you will discover the limits of current systems, that are sometimes at odds with today's rapidly developing world.

  • How can I be always up-to-date with the events at home, receiving and reading letters sent by authorities, utility companies, insurances, etc. and immediately react to them even you are away for months? 

  • How is it possible to send a few letters from home, that must arrive within two to three days while I am (stuck) on the other side of the globe?

  • How can my business send out a mass mailing to potential customers in the region or around the world, without having the resources to print hundred of pages, time to pack all, write addresses on the envelopes, visit a post office to dispatch the letters, and paying horrendous postal fees. 

Well, Digi Post (Thailand) is working hard offering you solutions to such issues of our time. We select the most reliable postal service that have stood their test of time over centuries through peacetime booms, recessions, even wars and bring them to you as possible within the current legal framework. 

Digi Post (Thailand) aims to always be your partner of trust in this region of the world.


A.V.K. - Digi Post (Thailand)

P.O. Box 19,  

Saraphi Post Office

Chiang Mai  50140


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