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Bulk printing and postal dispatch

Upload your ready prepared (bulk-mail) letter. We print your letters, pack them in standard envelopes and dispatch all for you. You receive a posting receipt at the end. If you chose a dispatch by registered mail or EMS the receipt will also contain tracking numbers to each letter. 

If your letters do not carry an addressee information, upload an additional address list and we will also print these to label the envelopes. 

You may also provide your logo to have it printed as sender information on each envelope.


Order details

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Envelope type/size
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Summary of Charges and Service

Sender logo
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Dispatch modality


Total Price: 

Your submitted 'good to print' must comply with laws of Thailand as well as regulations of Thailand Post Co., Ltd.! No illegal or immoral content! Digi Post (Thailand) does neither bear responsibility of correctness of recipient's addresses nor the content of your 'good to print'. 

Every order submitted is being executed as paid for on a first -in/first-out basis. However, if we do not send you a posting receipt withing 72 hours (working days) you can write us an email to cancel your order and claim back your money. 

All services provided here are printed in black & white only. For special requests, please send a enquiry for quotation first. 






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